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Transportation and Student Groupings

Transportation & Student Groupings

Q:  How many groups are there in Plan B?
A;  Students are grouped into two main groups to attend school face to face during the week.  The groups are Group A, Group B, and Group 4.  Group A attends on A days (Monday/Tuesday) and Group B attends on B days (Thursday/Friday). Group 4, can attend school on both A days and B days.

Q:  How are the groups divided?
A:  The groups generally follow the alphabetical last name of students.  Group A- A – K and Group B- L – Z.  Students in Group 4 are identified as Special Education students or students who have intensive English Language acquisition needs and can attend school on all face to face instructional days.

Q:  Why are some students not in their alphabetical group?
A:  Studetns may not be in their alphabetical group because of groupings with siblings with different last names or because there is a specific hardship or transportation need on the part of the parent

Q:  Will there be social distancing on buses?
A:  Yes, buses will run at reduced capacity (about 24 students instead of 40 or more) in order to spread students out.

Q:  Does my child have to attend school during their week of face-to-face instruction?
A:  No.  Students may opt to continue to attend school remotely during their scheduled days of face-to-face instruction.