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Traffic Patterns and Drop Off

School Arrival/Dismissal Traffic Pattern

Q:  My child will be dropped off in a vehicle each day.  How does that work?
A:  Drop off begins at 8:00.  Simply pull around in the car line to the area in front of the steps and wait for a staff member to screen your child.

Q:  Does my child have to stay in the vehicle to be screened?
A:  Yes

Q:  What time can students enter the school building?
A:  Students can enter the school building at 8:00am.  Before 8:00am, students will need to remain in vehicles or off campus

Q:  How will bus riders enter the building? 
A:  Once a bus arrives, students will be individually screened and then admitted to the building and their classroom.

Q:  How will students be dismissed at the end of the school day?
A:  We will stagger dismissal times so there are less students moving around campus.  We will first dismiss walkers and after school program students.  Next, we will dismiss small groups of students whose vehicle is at the front of the car line.  Then we will dismiss students who ride individual buses.

Q:  How long will I be in the car line in the mornings and afternoons?
A:  To do this effectively and safely, it may take up to half an hour to drop off and especially to pick your child up in the car line.  Please be patient during these times.