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Social Distancing Features and Expectations

Building Social Distancing Features & Expectations

Q:  How will classrooms look to follow social distancing?
A:  Classrooms will vary in their appearance but will follow the guidelines that students in the class be seated at least 6ft apart.

Q:  How will common areas be signed to remind students to follow social distancing guidelines?
A:  Hallways will have a blue centerline and arrows on each side so students follow a one-way traffic pattern to minimize contact.  In addition, signage will be posted throughout the school to remind students to stay 6 ft apart from others while in transition

Q:  Won’t there be lots of students in the hallways at class change?
A:  Students will exit classes in a staggered dismissal and then line up at their next class before entering. While in hallways, students will be asked to keep 6ft apart and also walk on the right side of the hallway.

Q:  What about breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria?
A:  Students will not eat breakfast or lunch in the cafeteria.  These will be grab and go lunches and students will eat in their classrooms.

Q:  Will classes be cleaned before each new class?
A:  Yes.  Teacher will wipe down desks before each new class.  In addition, teachers will, as much as possible, not have students assigned to sit in desks that were previously used that day.

Q:  How are custodians keeping the building clean?
A:  Custodians are continuously wiping down door handles and areas that have high traffic use.  In addition, custodians will be coming into classrooms after school twice a week to apply a cleaning agent to all surfaces using a misting machine.

Q:  Can students use the water fountains at school?
A:  No.  Water fountains will be turned off.  However, the water bottle filling stations will be available for student use

Q:  How will my child use the restroom?
A:  Students will have multiple breaks during the day to use the restrooms.  In addition, students will be able to ask their teacher to use the restroom at other times when it is not a restroom break.  During restroom breaks, restroom use will be limited in numbers to reduce crowding.

Q:  How will you train and remind students of their role in keeping others safe?
A:  On the first day of school for each group, there will be a grade level assembly, following social distancing guidelines, to talk with students about mask guidance, classroom and hallway expectations, lunch and recess procedures and other steps we will must take to keep ourselves safe while at school.