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Health Screening Procedures

School Arrival Health Screening

Q:  How will safety screening be conducted?
A:  Screening will take place in three locations, one for bus riders, one for walkers/bike riders and at vehicles in the car line.  Once students are screened for temperature and Covid related questions and they are then given an admit pass to enter the building at controlled entrances.

Q:  What are the screening questions?
A:  Students will be asked questions regarding Covid related symptoms as well as questions about exposure to other people that are or may have tested positive for Covid.

Q:  Who will conduct the screenings?
A:  School staff who have been trained will conduct the screenings

Q:  What if a student has a temperature or answers “yes” to any of the screening questions?
A: If a student does not meet the screening requirements, they will not be allowed to enter the academic building.  If they are a car rider, then the student would be remain in their vehicle and leave campus with the parent.  If the student is a walker or bus rider, they would be supervised in a dedicated space for students who need to be picked up by a parent/guardian.

Q: Where do students go once they have been screened?
A:  Once a student has been screened, they will go to their first period Mastery class and wait until Homeroom/Mastery begins at 8:25am.

Q:  Explain the Heath Attestation Form that must be completed for all students attending school?
A:  Within the first two weeks of face to face instruction, parents need to complete a Health Attestation Form for their child.  The Health Attestation Form will be attached here in the future.