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Parent Information

Library Collection:

Roland Grise is a large middle school which serves a diverse population. It is the library's mission to provide a balanced collection of materials that supports the curriculum. We also provide materials that support reading as entertainment. Because of the diversity, it is possible a student may bring home a book the parent finds questionable. If that is the case, please return the book, and let Ms. Tillotson know. It is possible to insert messages into a student's check out record about parental wishes, and we are happy to do that. Please remember, that library staff members never require a student to read or check out any title. We may suggest, but we will never mandate. If the student doesn't like a book for any reason, s/he should simply return it right away and we'll suggest something else. If a parent or guardian has any questions about library holdings, please contact Ms. Tillotson


Student Responsibility:

As students transition through middle school, they should assume more personal responsibility. You know your student's ability best. Please help them to be responsible for returning library materials on time. If fines are charged, please help to keep the student's record clear.

Library Fees:

overdue fines add up until the book is returned. Once it it returned the charges stop. The fine remains on the student's record until it is paid.

Ms. Tillotson will determine whether or how much will be charged to repair a damaged book. Please bring these to her attention when the book is returned.

Ms. Tillotson will determine when a book is lost. When it is, a replacement fee will be charged.


The library is always happy to engage parent volunteers. There may be specific projects, ongoing duties (such as reshelving books), or the major fund-raisers for the RGMS library, the BOOK FAIRS!

Parent Check Out:

Parents may register with the library to check books out. Please contact Ms. Tillotson . Parents may have 2 books out at a time, for 2 weeks.


Suggestions for library materials, activities or programs are always welcome. Please send your ideas and suggestions to Ms. Tillotson .